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Prize Support Revealed for the Game of Thrones National Championships 2024

by Melle Gruber

In a spirit of ambition, adventure, and an undying fascination with the Game of Thrones universe, the community stands on the brink of a spectacular event that will set fans’ hearts racing from June through October. The National Championships, a battlefield for strategists and lovers of the epic world of Westeros, are fast approaching, and we are thrilled to unveil this year’s prizes for participants in the Joust and Melee tournaments.

Joust Tournament Prizes

Participant Prizes: Every brave knight who steps into the arena will be rewarded with a playset of Daenerys Targaryen, artfully depicted in a stained-glass window style that captures the essence and majesty of this iconic character.

Top 64: For those who manage to stand their ground against their adversaries, an exquisite house card set of all 8 factions awaits, each in a unique stained-glass window look that enriches the visual experience of the game.

Top 4: The top four warriors of the tournament will receive a playmat featuring two knights engaged in battle in the aesthetic grandeur of stained glass, a true trophy for any fan.

Winner: The ultimate champion ascends to the Iron Throne with a special Iron Throne playmat and also secures a bye for the World Championships, a prestige reserved for the best of the best.

Melee Prizes

All Participants: Every fighter will be rewarded with the Dragon Tails card in the delicate pastel palette of the stained-glass window style, along with a set of Melee Titles, equally crafted in the appealing look.

Winner: The victor of the Melee tournament will receive a unique Iron Throne playmat that shines in the gentle elegance of pastel colors and stained-glass window look, a symbol of honor and glory.

Support for Tournament Organizers

We understand that organizing a tournament is not an easy task, and we want to make sure that everyone is supported in their efforts. If you would like to organize a tournament for your nation, please contact us at [email protected] or preferentially through Discord at melle_87. We look forward to supporting you and providing you with access to all prize images.

The Game of Thrones National Championships promise not just thrilling duels and breathtaking moments but also a community united by passion and admiration for the world of Westeros. May the best win and claim the favor of the Iron Throne!

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