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Champion’s Checkmate: An Interview with Alex (France)

by AGOT.Admin
Join us back from (another) long break on this special episode of Zero Reserve. It is the night before Online Worlds, and we interview the reigning world champion Alex from France, his friends Mad, who is trustworthy enough for a Martell player, and Dagga, the silent power behind the crown. Alex reveals his journey into Thrones, sharing his passions, challenges, and experiences that have shaped him into the exceptional player he is today. We’ll then journey with Alex through his triumphant run at last year’s Online Worlds Tournament, reliving the gripping moments that crowned him the world champion. Finally, as the current tournament looms, Alex offers unique insights into the competitive scene, discussing strategies, potential winners, and his feelings about passing the mantle to the next champion. We even get a champ card scoop! Aaron Groth joins Alejandro Pantoja as a co-host, but we lose him in the mountains, and he must drop off the call early. We would love to do more interviews – please reach out to Alejandro if you are interested in coming on to the podcast to get to know you better and tell stories of this game we love. Thank you!

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