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An Introduction to AGOT.Cards

by AGOT.Admin

Hello and welcome to AGoT.Cards.

Many members of the community have been looking for a renewed place to feature written content and discuss the game away from the Facebook group. We hope this can be that place. There are a number of features that can hopefully help make this into that kind of place. Let’s walk through some of them, shall we?

User Submitted Content:

You’ll notice there are articles, videos, and podcasts linked to here. Some of these are archives copied over from other sites, a few are imported automatically as they’re posted, but many others are user submitted.


Once you’re logged in to the site, hit the account menu and then the “Submit” button to pull up the submission form. This will let you do things like type up an article or copy and paste one from Word, or insert a link to the newest episode of your podcast. You must be logged in to submit, but there’s also a small team of people taking a look at things, so that we can hopefully keep on top of the spam submissions that have been an issue elsewhere.


Card Tagging:

You may have noticed the yellow button in the editor with the crown icon. When you’re typing up a post anywhere you see that editor, you’ll have the capability of tagging cards so that other users reading it can check out ThronesDB text tooltips that popup on mouse-over.

Here’s how it works: Type out the exact name of the card without quotation marks, then highlight the name and hit the yellow button. This will insert (agot) (/agot) around the card name. There are a couple of small things about this. The tagging will actually use brackets [] instead of parenthesis, but we use parenthesis here so you can actually see it. If you’d rather, you can type them by hand instead of using the button to insert them. Also, it’s worth noting that plain character names like Cersei Lannister default to the first appearance of that character. If you want a different appearance, you’ll want the all capital abbreviation for the pack or box they appeared in like Cersei Lannister LOCR.

This feature works anywhere you see this editor, so you can use it in the forums for discussion as well. Comments, unfortunately use a slightly different editor, so there is no button, but if you type them by hand, they’ll still work.


Also included is an event listing system. This has been set up with some automatic imports of Facebook events that run daily. There are, however, some limitations to this. The event must be created in a public page or group, not created as a standalone event and then shared into that group. And, of course, we have to be aware of the group to have it added here.

That said, we’ve got a team of volunteers from across the globe who are going to help watch for events as they are posted to Facebook from around the world and try to make sure those keep getting imported here.

Of course, you can also submit events directly by using “Add Event” from the Event menu. This gives a full featured editor to type out your description and a number of fields for information about the time of the event, the venue and more. It also features a button to view your previously submitted events so that you can edit them and fill in that link box to The Jousting Pavilion once your tournament is up and running.

We’ve been adding local weekly game nights as best we can, but also be sure to add your own as a recurring event so that others looking for a place to play can find it.

Of course, it’s very important to be able to parse and find appropriate events for any players interested. To that end, you’ll find a full featured filtering system under the main Events page. This defaults to a visually engaging photo view, but in the upper right you can find a drop down menu to choose different views that you may prefer.


The filter bar itself gives you easy access to various criteria to help you pinpoint exactly which events you’re interested in exploring. You may choose to drill down by several location options, day of the event, or even what level of tournament the event is. As well, certain well known community and official events like the North American Continental Championship at GenCon or the Stahleck Championship will be noted as “Featured” events to draw attention or allow you to view only those events if you so wish.

Note – submitted events are not published immediately so that someone can take a look and make sure categories, recurrence, etc. are set up correctly. They should be published as soon as possible once submitted once we have more event admin/mods set up to double check them.




Gold and Influence:

You may also notice Ranks and Titles displayed along with user names in the forums and elsewhere. These are based on the two resources that you are able to earn through using the site. Gold and Influence are earned based on participation and interaction with the site. Here you can gain resources by visiting the site, commenting on articles, posting in the forums, submitting articles, submitting events, etc. There are daily limits for each activity, but a larger reward for those that take the time to craft articles, podcasts, etc, and then submit that content for the community.

So what do they do, then?

Well, let’s start with influence. This is effectively a simple counter of your engagement with the site. It’s always increasing as you do things and you’ll noticed a variety of AGOT inspired Ranks as you progress upwards in total. As well, there is a public Top 10 leaderboard to help show off the “Most Influential” in the community. As well, we’re implementing a bonus system for those that have wins of a particular tournament rank to their name. For ease of use, this is only counting 2ED titles, aside from World Champion level titles. Store Championship – 5, Regional – 15, National – 25, Continental – 50, World – 100. These will be awarded at the same time as badges. (We’ll talk about badges shortly.)

Gold though, is a bit more interesting. It increases in the same manner and rate as influence while you use the site, but can be spent in the on site exclusive swag store. Currently, this consists of alternate art promo cards, but will hopefully be expanded to things like tokens and playmats. Depending on your current balance this could cause your Title to go up or down. This should give users a point of pride to have earned swag for doing nothing more than discuss the game we all love.


For those of you that want to accelerate things a bit or help make sure the site is funded enough to cover hosting and keep creating new swag to send out, there is an option to purchase gold on a 1=1 ratio of gold to US pennies. Of course, it’s far more sensible to do this in 100g increments. Payment processing is done through Paypal, so no worries about credit card information hosted here.




Won a notable event? Host a regularly updated video stream or podcast about AGOT? We want to help you show off this type of thing. Not only can you have your own personal avatar on the site, but Badges can be created and awarded to help show that off while you discuss the game. Some of these are already in place on the site and are just waiting to be awarded as the appropriate players sign up “like Joust Stahleck Champion 2017” and similar while some others like “Supporter” are awarded by the system for doing particular things. For manually awarded badges, there is a forum thread to request them as appropriate. As well, just mouse over various badges to see the text of what people displaying.

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