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How the Player Survey Data shapes the Restricted List

by Jess Thompson

As they say in the North, the Restricted List update is coming! Until then, we are sharing more data from the Player Survey along with comments from our Archmaester of Design, Hanno Lunser.

Based on the below survey results, we made more profound changes to the Restricted List. The Design and Playtesting teams worked hard on an interesting list that will hopefully create an interesting meta for the next three months until the next update. We will also release an update of the Melee Restricted List.

As a spoiler for the upcoming update on Friday, June 26th, we can announce that all the agendas from the so-called “bin pack” will be legal for competitive play:
Aloof and Apart (The Things We Do For Love, 27)
Dark Wings, Dark Words[/agot] (The Things We Do For Love, 28)
Knights of the Realm (The Things We Do For Love, 29)
The Long Voyage (The Things We Do For Love, 30)
Agendas can be easily proxied, so nobody will be obliged to buy the bin pack.

The community also voted in favor of using bans for problematic cards. We will indeed use this measure in the upcoming list, but the affected cards are only suspended temporarily. They will return to the card pool as adjusted versions.

The survey also showed us that the community is open to a pod system in the Restricted List, so we will introduce such a system to tackle powerful cards and problematic interactions. This system will be neatly integrated into the current Restricted List, so you won’t have to consult an additional table for deckbuilding restrictions.

As mentioned, pods can serve several purposes. It can separate combinations of two or more cards that proved to be too powerful together. There are also some restricted cards that are way more powerful than even the other restricted cards. Pods can help to balance the different cards on the Restricted List, so players will have more interesting deckbuilding choices instead of a “standard” restricted choice. Lastly, pods can also target specific decks that are dominating the meta without restricting the card for other decks by making a pod with a card that is only used in the powerful deck, but not the others.

And here’s how it works: Some restricted cards are so powerful that their inclusion in a deck comes with additional deckbuilding restrictions. If a player selects one of these cards as their restricted card, they may not include any of the cards listed with -> immediately below them in their deck.

For example:
[agot]The Hightower (House of Thorns, 17) will no longer be restricted normally, but if Mace Tyrell HOT (House of Thorns, 1) is your chosen restricted card, you cannot include The Hightower (House of Thorns, 17) in your deck.

This restriction would be displayed as the following:
Mace Tyrell HOT (House of Thorns, 1)
-> The Hightower (House of Thorns, 17)

We will release a new Restricted List every three months from now on. So expect an update at the end of each quarter!

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