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Store Championships 2023

by Dennis Luke

Coming back with the second of our Tournament Announcement Articles about Store Championships:

We decided that we want to include this lower level of Competitve Tournaments to add more posibilities for meet ups and Tournaments, even with smaller groups of people. Because of that we won’t make a timeframe for Store Championships, so that you can organise them all year long and even hold several of them if you want to.

We talked to some TOs about Prize Support before and got the feedback that official Promo Cards for the Bin Pack (The Things We Do For Love) Agendas would be great, because not everyone has bought those. We are glad that you still organise Events and we want to help you and therefore listened to your suggestion:

So each player participating in a Store Championship this year will be rewarded with those 4 Agendas 🙂

If you want to organise a Store Championship in your area contact me (DennisLuke#3244) or Magnus (Zinnie#1261) via Discord or write an email to [email protected]. If there are any further questions also dont hesitate to message us! Like I said in the last post, we want to make a Discord Chat with all the TOs around the world to talk about future plans and what we can do to support you.

But there is more prize Support: If the number of players is big enough and the Organiser wants to give away something special for the Winner, there is also a playmat available:

I’m looking forward to those Events and hope you are as pleased as I am 🙂

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