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Regional Tournaments 2023

by Dennis Luke

The New Year has started and Winter Holidays are coming to an end. But the Organized Play and Art Team haven’t rested the last days and worked pretty hard to finalize the first THREE Tournament Kits!

So I can gladly announce that the Prize Kit for REGIONALS, STORE CHAMPIONSHIPS and the first GNK are prepared πŸ™‚
There will be an extra article for each Tournament in the next days to have everything seperated, so if you are a TO and you want to organise all three or two of those Events, wait until all is published so you can order everything together!

This first Article will be about the Regional Tournaments in 2023:

Like displayed in the Tournament Calendar above, the Regional Season this year is from February to June. There are no limits for Regional Tournaments in a country, so whoever wants to hold such an Event, just contact me (DennisLuke#3244) or Magnus (Zinnie#1261) via Discord or write an email to [email protected].
We will sent you all the files with the Prize Support and, like last year, you will order the Cards and the Playmat yourself. Of course you can contact other TOs in your region or country if its possible to order things together and save shipping costs. For that instance and to get better in contact with all the TOs around the world, I also want to create a discord chat for all TOs contacting us that you can join if you want to.

So lets present the Prize Support:

Every Player participating in the Events will receive a playset of two of the most iconic characters in all of “A Song of Ice and Fire”. The Dornish Leader Doran Martell, supporting his fellow Lords and Ladies even more the longer you play him, and the feared Greyjoy Captain Victarion in his better Version πŸ˜‰

Every Player reaching the Cut will on top be rewarded with a special Edition of the “Banner of the Falcon”-Agenda from the upcoming “As High As Honor”-Pack.

If you want to play your Arryn Cards under the Banner of the Falcon in the own House Colour Scheme, you have to join one of our Regional Tournaments πŸ™‚

Finally the Winner will be rewarded with an Arryn Playmat featuring the Sigil and Sweetrobin:

Of course the Winner of each Regional will also get a Bye for the next Level Events, the National Championships.
I would also like to add that this is just a proposal for using the Prize Support we provide. Organisers can still decide to add more or less copies of the Cards, give the Agenda to every participant or reward more players with the playmat.

I hope you like the results of our work and want to encourage all of you to contact us and organise a Regional Tournament in your area! We like to support you as much as we can with organising Events and keeping the game alive, so just tell us if there is anything we can do for you πŸ™‚

Like I said in the beginning, the announcements for Store Championships and Game Night Kit I will follow in the next days, so stay tuned and play the only Game that Matters in the meantime!

Your OP Team

P.S.: Like Winter, The Online World Cup is coming. If your Nation has not gathered a Team yet, start to form one to compete in the Battle. For more information contact Magnus(Zinnie#1261) or/and join the Discord Server (https://discord.gg/zhxPDE2qbH)

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