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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Global Operations Team?

The Global Operations Team (sometimes abbreviated G.O.T.) is a community lead fan effort to continue producing and organizing the A Game of Thrones Second Edition LCG.

Is AGOT 2ED dead?

Fantasy Flight Games has not officially pronounced the game “complete” as they have for other LCGs that are no longer in official production, but FFG has made it clear that no further product or support is forthcoming from them.

Will new cards be made?

While FFG is no longer producing new cards, several fan groups have produced print and play and online options for the new cards. One of the main focuses for G.O.T. will be finding a way to consolidate and codify these into a cohesive card pool moving forward.

Where do we go from here?

Committee work and organizing is building up steam, so join one of the various discussion points to follow the game as we move forward.

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