Call for Submissions

by Kennon

Hello Thrones Community,

The Design Committee’s first ever call for submissions is now open! We want to open our doors to the community to submit card ideas for inclusion in the current cycle (which starts with the forthcoming For the Realm Pack). We decided the best time to do this at a time when the general heading and themes of the upcoming cycle are well defined (which, if you haven’t taken a look, are armies, commanders, and the new keyword—Assault). We encourage you to submit card ideas that align with these themes, whether they are characters, attachments, locations, plots, or even agendas.

That said, we also want to invite you to submit cards that may not necessarily align with these themes. Give us your cool ideas! Give us your pet projects, give us the things you’ve always thought were missing from the card pool. While things that align with the current project are more likely to be seen in a timely manner, if you give us an idea we love, it may make its way into consideration sooner than you think.

All of your ideas will be examined by members of the Design Committee directly, who will pass along selected ideas to the Design Team to use how they see fit, at their discretion. We know that we have a great community from which to pull original, innovative, and interesting designs that will expand and improve the state of the metagame, so we want to be sure to leverage that! Please understand, however, that the Design Team is under no obligation to use cards the Design Committee forwards, and that the Design Team is free to alter any submitted card idea as they deem necessary for balance, thematic elements, or any other aspects they deem necessary.

It is also important to us that you know these submissions will be read anonymously. No identifying information for the person who submits the idea will be present to in any way color the Design Committee’s view of the submitted ideas. This will also not be our only call for submissions. We plan to do these fairly regularly in the future because we feel it will help drive diversity in design, which we believe is ideal for a robust, healthy meta.

The current call for submissions will be open for one month (from today, September 20, 2021 through October 20, 2021). We look forward to your submissions!

Happy Designing,

The Design Committee

Submissions currently closed.

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