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Board of Trustees 2023 Recap

by Kennon

The Global Operations Team (G.O.T.) Board of Trustees, consisting of Francisco, Johannes, and Will has had a busy and eventful year. One of the highlights of their activities was the first ever tiebreaker vote on a Restricted List item. Normally, the Board is only involved in discussions and waives voting to retain that authority for the members of the Committee proper. However, this year, the Board encountered a situation where a tiebreaker vote was necessary, showcasing the growth and evolution of the Committee. The specific Restricted List item that required a tiebreaker vote shall remain a mystery, but it is a testament to the Global Operations Team’s commitment to fair and balanced decision-making, even in divisive situations.

Another major highlight for the Board was overseeing the restructuring of the committee arrangement for G.O.T. In the past, there had been a compression of duties and responsibilities, but this time, all committees were merged into a singular GOT Committee. This new committee now handles a wide range of tasks, including Art Acquisition, FAQ and Restricted List updates, Organized Play, Communication, and related duties. This restructuring has streamlined operations and improved efficiency within the committee, allowing for better communication and collaboration between team members. The GOT Design now focuses solely on new card creation and leading playtests, while the Trustees continue to handle funding and personnel issues, ensuring a well-balanced and organized team structure.

Aside from their decision-making and oversight duties, the Board has also been successful in expanding the capabilities of the G.O.T. playtesting server. At the request of the GOT Design, recurring payments have been set up for server services, providing a stable and reliable platform for playtesting new cards. Additionally, with the support and donations from 42 Ko-Fi supporters, the Board has been able to allocate a budget of $1,000 for connected art for next year’s releases. This not only adds a visual element to the game but also supports and promotes the talented artists involved in the project. The current balance of $1,823.27 (pre-art allocation) in the Ko-Fi account is a testament to the community’s dedication and support for the G.O.T. team and their efforts.

In conclusion, the G.O.T. Board of Trustees has had an eventful and successful year filled with important decisions and strategic restructuring. Their commitment to fair and transparent decision-making, along with their dedication to improving and expanding the capabilities of the team, has led to a more efficient and effective committee structure. With the support of the community, the G.O.T. team is well-equipped to continue creating and playtesting new cards, expanding the game’s reach through organized play opportunities, and ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all players. The future looks bright for the G.O.T. team, and the Board of Trustees will continue to play a crucial role in its success.

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