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The Monthly Update June-July 2022

by Drew Underwood

Hey folks, it’s that time of the month again and in the interest of transparency the GOT brings you the monthly update. Late June and early July have some exciting news to cover, so let’s jump right in.

First up, from Operations, the regionals season for Norway has already happened, and went well! There are several upcoming regional tournaments, and if you wish to host one you should check out last month’s update for information! The Monthly Update: May-June 2022 – AGOT.CARDS

Norway and Germany have already announced their national tournaments for this year, with others soon to follow. If you want to organize a national tournament or compete in one, the details can be found in this article: Tournament Circuit – National Championships 2022 – AGOT.CARDS.

Lastly, Stahleck registration is still possible, nay, encouraged! If you don’t want to play the only game that matters in a German castle, I suggest seeing your physician as soon as possible. The link to sign up is here: https://stahleck.eu/

Now, from the workhorses on the design team there are a few updates:

The newest pack has entered playtesting, and within the coming weeks players will be able to sign up for playtesting tournaments. We invite folks to take a gander at the WIP pack on ThronesDB here: As High as Honor · ThronesDB.

If you are interested in testing out the incoming cards beyond the upcoming tournaments (and who doesn’t want to see how the DT brought House Arryn to life?) should visit the GOT discord and ping Deathlysteve or Raius.

Furthermore, any programmers who have a knack for Javascript (or a willingness to learn) and a hunger to help out the game should inquire on the Discord. Your assistance with the playtesting instance of TheIronThrone will be an invaluable help to the game.

As a final note, last month’s update included a slightly rough unveiling of the Kofi for the game. I’m sure there are many questions, and an article will be published soon to give info. Keep your eyes peeled! Thanks all and have a good month!

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