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Tournament Circuit – National Championships 2022

by Dennis Luke

We are back with some great news about our Tournament Circuit:
We have the Prize-Kit ready and finally can announce the Nationals for the 2022 Tournament Season 🙂

But first a quick reminder that there are Regionals to get a first round bye for these Nationals, so if there is one in your area or online, think about trying to already get your first win for one National Tournament!
And if there sadly isn’t a Regional in your area yet, contact Zinnie (Zinnie#1261) or Me (DennisLuke#3244) on Discord if you want to organise one and get the Prize-Kit for that.
All the Information you need is in this article: https://agot.cards/2022/06/16/tournament-circuit-regionals-2022/

Time for the real announcement and the details you need to know:

National Tournament Season 2022 will be held after Regionals and before Stahleck, so its from September to November. That’s not an absolute restriction for this year, so if you want to make your Tournament a bit earlier or later just tell us!

I want to organize a National Tournament, what do I have to do?
Same procedure as with Regionals, just contact Zinnie (Zinnie#1261) or Me (DennisLuke#3244) on Discord or write an email to [email protected]. Tell us when you want to hold the tournament and if its gonna be online or in person. Of course there can only be one National Tournament per Nation but I think it will be fine.

What about the Prize Kit?
You will receive files for all cards and playmats from us and you have to print them yourself. There is no strict rule on how you have to reward the players with these prizes (How many playmats, more participation prizes and stuff like that) but there will be a suggestion later in this article.

Anything else?
If you have any questions, dont hesitate to message us 🙂

Time to talk about the prizes:

The Winner will receive its own Champion Playmat and all the prizes listed above for other participants. On top, there is also a first round Bye for the 2023 World Championship.
We want to encourage every TO to also make some kind of Trophy with the Champion artwork, but thats just a suggestion!

The Top 4 Players will be rewarded with a beautiful playmat.

The 8 players, who are ranked best within their faction, will receive the faction cards with different army themes. Especially this prize can also be given out to every player for participation or for reaching the Cut.

Every participant will get an alt art Card for Lord Tywins Host and For the Realm.

Yes, we also made one participation prize for Melee and actually it’s a very good card for a Tully Deck in Melee: Riverrun.
So if you want to include Melee in you National Championship (and you should) you have this card for participation and can take the same playmats for the Final Table and the Champion. If not, you can give out Riverrun in your Joust Tournament.

So think about organising a National Championship in your country and contact us to get everything rolling 🙂

What is dead may never die!

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nice! thank you!

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