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The Monthly Update: May-June 2022

by Drew Underwood

Hello gamers! In an effort to keep the community engaged and keyed-in to the nefarious schemes of the Global Operation Team, we are offering monthly updates where we update you all… monthly. Late May and the coming months have quite a few exciting updates, so let’s get into it.

Last Month

May 21st-22nd was Worlds, the largest tournament of the year with players from every corner of the globe vying for dominance on The Iron Throne. As many of you know, it went well! Congratulations to the winners of each category.

World Champion: Alexander Carry

King of Swiss: Wolf Bian

Best of Faction-Greyjoy: Wolf Bian

Best of Faction-Baratheon: Miha Vrbanec

Best of Faction-Tyrell: Lyn

Best of Faction-Martell: Ben Plumier

Best of Faction-Targaryen: Alex Manotti

Best of Faction-The Night’s Watch: Alex O’Shea

Best of Faction-Lannister: Radek Z

Best of Faction-Stark: Dennis Luke

No matter your ranking, the folks on the GOT have lined up some awesome prizes for Worlds. Even more than was originally promised! Find information on that here: Prize Support for Worlds and Regionals and Nationals coming – AGOT.CARDS

Upcoming Events

The next couple of months have some exhilarating things to look forward to. Firstly, July and August will be this year’s regionals season. Proceeding that, September, October, and November will be nationals season. Those who wish to organize regional tournaments should refer to this article: Tournament Circuit – Regionals 2022 – AGOT.CARDS. This will give you instructions on tournament organization, and guidelines on the prizes that the GOT has produced for regional tournaments.

New Set: As High as Honor

The card design committee has been hard at work on the newest set! As one can guess from the name, this set will have some new support for House Arryn. As always, each faction will get new toys to play with, but the focus of this particular set is neutrals and lower initiative plot cards. The initial drafts of the cards are done, and testing begins soon. As always, a big hand to card design and art acquisition for breathing life into the game we love.

Art Acquisition

Speaking of, I’m sure what excites many people the most about the existence of the GOT is the release of new sets. However, cards need good art and good art isn’t free. The GOT has a Kofi set up to accept donations to source the art needed to make new cards. Money is always tight, but if you can drop a donation, we’ll be a few bucks closer to a solid pool of art for a set. Support Global Operations Team on Ko-fi! ❤️. ko-fi.com/globaloperationsteam – Ko-fi ❤️ Where creators get support from fans through donations, memberships, shop sales and more! The original ‘Buy Me a Coffee’ Page.

Thank you all for your continued support and enjoyment, game on!

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