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The Monthly Update: September

by Drew Underwood

Hello again gamers! The month of September has been a hectic yet exciting one, with a few crucial announcements from the GOT. From the Card Committe, AHaH is still in playtesting (https://discord.gg/xdQRcu53) and you are welcome to help out! While it will not be out in time to be legal at Stahleck, it’s on the horizon!

The Nationals have been held in Norway, Latvia, and Germany! The next bout is soon:

Czech Republic on 24th September in Prague

France on October the 8th and 9th in Lyon

The U.K. on October 15th in London

Bulgaria on October the 29th in Sofia

Others have been announced but we have yet to get dates down. Rumors of a Sealand tourney are stirring… a tourney to crown a king!

All prizes will be shipped out or delivered at Stahleck! The participation prize for that legendary tournament is a whopping 660 card Bran the Builder playset!

Final note, work has begun on a first full regular tournament series calendar next year. Updates to Come! Until next month, stay frosty folks.

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