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What is Dead May Never Die Release

by Daniel Bellido

First of all, I’m glad being here posting on this page where I read a lot of this game we love and care of it. Some will know from Facebook, I’ve been working on a cycle along 7 months with some players of my meta to make a full cycle (120 new cards). This cycle goes on mechanics already forgotten by FFG like winter vs summer, anti-shadows tech, bestow and some shadows love. It’s hard seeing how the community is separated and angry ones with others. I’d like thinking this could change that, but I don’t know. What I know is the love and the will to make this game still running. Some says it’s dead, but what is dead may never die.

Check the link to my shop in Printer’s Studio, to see the cycle and if you like it, buy it. 🙂


P.S. :sorry about the mess, I don’t know how to delete the previous ones. I had an error message and I thought it didn’t post it. mb 🙁

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