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Search and Build: Efficient Search on ThronesDB

by Sergey

Searching and finding the right cards is crucial while deckbuilding. Currently ThronesDB is the go-to deckbuilding site with well-developed search functions and user-friendly interface. However, it has some interesting search options that may be unknown to some users. In this article I share some tips on using ThronesDB card search.

0. Search operators

When we start searching at https://thronesdb.com/search we see several screen areas with many parameters: Name and Texts, Attributes, Numerics and Others. After selecting the values, sort order, display view and hitting “Search” button, the list with results is presented. We have the field in the results list, where we can adjust search string using shortcuts for operators without going back the first screen.

The available shortcuts are listed here, they are also available in the deckbuilder.

The colon “:” is used to represent “equals” operator. Make sure to put the text in quotes , if it has more than 1 word, like in a “Drowned God” example above. This is a simple search, let’s look at more challenging examples.

1. Logical conjunction (AND)

Search operator AND is used to find the cards for which all parameter values are true. The parameters can be different, like for example, search for Tyrell knights (faction + Trait):

f:Tyrell k:Knight


or we can use conjuction for one parameter. Let’s search characters, who worship Drowned God and are ironborn at the same time (two values for the same Trait):

k:”Drowned God” k:Ironborn


2. Logical disjunction (OR)

Search operator OR is used to find the cards for which one of parameter values is true. We can use vertical bar “|” to use disjunction on ThronesDB.

Let’s consider Prince’s Attendant, who lets you reduce cost to marshal Martell lords or ladies. You probably want to have a list of all Lords and Ladies in this faction, which can be done like this:

f:martell k:Lord|Lady t:character 


3. Logical negation (NOT)

Sometimes we need to exclude cards with certain parameter values from our search, we can use operator NOT, this is represented by an exclamation mark “!” on ThronesDB.

Let’s consider Double-Dealing, this plot can only be meaningfully used to copy plots without When Revealed abilities:

t:plot x!”when revealed”


4. Complex search

We can combine several operators to carry out a more complex search. Here are several examples:

Let’s combine conjunction across several parameters with negation to find all the plots that can be blanked by Forgotten Plans.

t:plot k!Scheme x!”When Revealed”


Or we can make a list of all limited cards in the game (here we must exclude some locations that say non-limited and plots that reference limited cards).

t!plot x:Limited x!Non-Limited


Normally one can find some cards that trigger off of particular traits (called also “tech” in Thrones jargon) by searching the trait in the text, like for example – Clansman.



However the King tech is somewhat harder to find in non-plot cards, because some words have “king” in the them, like attacking. The closest one can get to the right result:

t!plot x:King x!attacking


though in this result list you can still see a lot of cards that have “King” in their name. In this case just check each card.

5. Search Tips

If you click on cycle name, like this

you will find out that shortcut “c” stands for cycle. So it is possible to search cards by cycle. The shortcut “e” stands for chapter pack or expansion.

We can find cards from cycle 1 & 2 and see the first rotation victims (check cycle/expansion numbers first by clicking on them):



Let’s make a list of all cards from core set and “evergreen” expansions:



The expansion name is just abbreviated in the search string.

If you use faction parameter in your search string, select the option to sort by Cost/Gold. The results list will automatically be sorted by card type also.


So that’s it. Thanks for reading. Happy search and deckbuilding!

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Excellent write-up, 11/10.

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