G.O.T. Nationals!

by Francisco Gobantes


After a challenging year and a half for everyone, from GOT, we welcome you to the 2021 season of sanctioned tournaments.

Call your bannermen to your side and compete in A Game of Thrones: The Card Game National Championships in celebration of the return of the world’s players communities!

National Championships are held at the Premier Tournament Tier, used for elite competitions. As new expansions are released leading up to the tournament, be sure to check the legality of the new expansion (an expansion will be legal for Premier Tournaments one month after its release).

Most National Championships will host a number of Swiss rounds, followed by a cut to elimination rounds to find the winner. National Championships feature a Custom Tournament Structure, allowing the organizer to determine the number of rounds and other structure details, to best suit the various venues and player communities around the world.

2021 A Game of Thrones: The Card Game National Championship Prizes


Top 64 – Aegon Targaryen will land in Westeros from the east alongside the Golden Company to claim his birthright and strengthen the collection of any player.

Top 16 – The mighty Greyjoy fleet will ravage the western shores of Westeros with this double-sided plot that will serve both your Standard and Valyrian raids.

Top 8 – Show your loyalty to your favorite faction with these new House Cards.

Top 4* – Display your impressive finish at a National Championship with this gorgeous playmat depicting a naval battle.

Champion – Each National Champion earns a BYE, and a free reserved seat awaits them at the next World Championship!

*These prizes may differ in quantity or even availability depending on the ability of each organizer to access specialized printers.

How do I organize a National Tournament?

To be the organizer of one of the National Tournaments of Game of Thrones 2021, you simply have to email to the following address: [email protected] In that email, please send the following information:

1. Full name of the organizer

2. Country where the tournament is held.

3. If it will be online or physical. **considering Covid situation and protocols**

4. Approximate date. Tournaments must be held between Friday October 15th and Sunday January 16th.

Once the request period is closed (September 15th), each organizer (or the selected organizer if there is more than one request per country) will be sent the files of the prizes, so they can print them on a specialized page. The sooner you apply, the better, so that any potential problems can be addressed.

Each organizer will be responsible for physically obtaining the prizes and setting an entry price according to the payment they have had to disburse, leaving this organization free of any profit from the sales of these or future kits. They will also be responsible for reporting the name of the tournament winner, so that we can manage his bye.

See you soon!

Kike Vázquez, Leader of the OP Committee

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Chaiwon Leem

Hi, I sent a mail but I said it wouldn’t send due to your mail server. Below is my original mail.


Dear OP team.

I am Chaiwon from South Korea and want to register Korean national.
But I missed that the official dead line for request which is September.
If it is fine, may I request an event register?

Chaiwon Leem

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