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A.G.O.T. Global Operations Team: Committees and Applications

by Chris Eggert

Hello again all – Egg here on behalf of the AGoT Global Operations Team!

As mentioned a few weeks ago, we will now begin taking applications from persons interested in serving the community as part of our organization on one of our committees.  We welcome anyone who wants to serve this community by being part of the committees of our organization to apply.

The application is a google form with a link at the end of this post – but here I would like to briefly outline the five committees we will be forming at the outset of our organization.  We may add other committees as necessary in the future if the need arises.

While the Trustees are building the organization and the committees, we fully intend for the committees to do the real work of the organization.  Once we get things up and running, the Board of Trustees will not be involved in the day to day operations of the organization.  We’re not going to micromanage the work of these committees – we will rely on the expertise of the people that we choose to hire and there will be an ongoing dialogue between the Board, the Committees, and the Community at large.  

The below outlines are vague – but this is by design.  We intend for the initial members of these committees to have an active hand in building the committees, their goals, and their responsibilities.  So, at least at this very initial stage, the specifics of each individual committee are currently undefined.

This means that community members have a great opportunity here at the formation of the organization to join in and make your mark on the organization.  We sincerely hope you do so – we need your help, your passion, and your commitment to this game and our community if we are to be successful.

Now, a brief outline of the committees we are forming:


The Design Committee will be responsible for overseeing card design, playtesting, and the overall health and direction of the game aspect of the Game of Thrones Card Game.  Please note that we do not intend to supplant the current “Design Team” or any of the other groups currently working on design, such as the South Korean group.  We instead plan for the Design Committee to work with and coordinate among these groups, and chart and test the overall direction of the game.

Organized Play

The Organized Play Committee will be responsible for coordinating, planning, and assisting with organized play events throughout our community.  The committee will be responsible for planning the ‘official’ tournament circuit to replace the FFG Regional, National, Continental, and World Championships.  Also, the committee will assemble and provide resources for new and returning tournament organizers to host their own tournaments, as well as supporting and coordinating the promotion of new and established “fan-run” events.  

Communications and Technology

This Communications and Technology Committee will be responsible for coordinating and assisting with the needs of our various technological services and utilities lovingly created by the community.  We do not intend to tell any of the people involved in these services what to do or how to run things; we just hope to be of assistance and provide whatever resources we can do.  Further, the committee will provide for announcements, community-organization communications, and developing a media schedule for written, video, and streamed content.

Art and Assets

The Art and Assets Committee will be responsible for sourcing art and assets for use by other committees and the organization.  This does not necessarily mean that the committee must be made up of artists, but if there are any artists that want to work with the organization, that would be great!  We do need folks that can work with the other committees and see to their art and art-related needs to maintain the good quality needed for our game and community.

Community Code of Conduct Enforcement

The Community Code of Conduct Enforcement Committee will be responsible for monitoring compliance with the Global Operations Team’s Community Code of Conduct and conducting investigations and applying the Code to violations when required.  We are still developing a robust Code of Conduct to protect the diversity and inclusiveness of our community, and we will share the final draft with the community for comment when it is fully prepared.  However, we will need active, just, and level-headed members of the community who are dedicated to the protection and comfort of our membership to apply the Code and suggest revisions as necessary to the Board.

These are the five committees we hope to fill at this time.  Each committee will have their own unique responsibilities and requirements, as well as different sizes as needed.

After you fill out the application linked below, we may follow up with additional questions specific to the committee that you indicated that you would be interested in.  Please let any member of the Board of Trustees know if you have any questions about any of the committees or the application.

Finally, myself and fellow Board member Will Lentz discussed the above, the formation of the organization, and other related topics on the most recent White Book podcast.  Please have a listen to that if you like, I think it would be a good listen and it will give you a bit more insight into our thought process and what we are hoping to achieve with the committees and our organization for the community.

We plan on having the application window open for two weeks, ending at Midnight (00:00) on Sunday, February 28, 2021.  Please don’t wait until the very last minute to get your application in!

AGoT Global Operations Committee Application Form

As always, all the best to all of you, and we look forward to hearing from you!

  • Egg

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