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A.G.O.T. Global Operations Team Board Announcement

by Chris Eggert

Hello again Thrones Community from the AGoT Global Operations Team!

Since our first announcement last fall, we have been working and focusing on two things, 1) selecting an initial Board of Trustees, and 2) filling out the broad organizational structure.  I’m pleased to announce that we have finalized the first, and that we have made some good progress on the second.

As an initial matter, I’d like to apologize for the lack of communication since our initial announcement, but also to thank everyone for their patience and all of their own individual efforts to keep things moving along.  Every member of the Board of Trustees is deeply committed to making this project work and developing a strong and flexible foundation for this community to build off of and grow, but we also need to be honest about commitments.  We have all seen the need to step up and work to make this community better, and are committed to doing so, but none of us are going to be able to commit more than we are able to with the competing demands of our careers, holiday seasons, families, as well as other communities and commitments.  We understand that people are anxious and deeply concerned about the future of our game and community.  We promise that we will give as much as we are able to build and support this organization as well as the broader community.

I’d like to announce our initial Board of Trustees, but before doing so I’d like to provide a brief overview of how this decision was made.  Prior to the initial announcement, we gathered voices in the community together to discuss the formation of the AGOT organization.  After that announcement, we had invited anyone else who would like to be part of the discussion to join us.  We were pleased that so many did join in for those discussions.  Our final discussion team ended up being over 40 people distributed over numerous countries on 5 continents.  We’re quite pleased with the progress we made in these discussions.

After a round of nominations, candidate statements, and discussions, we conducted informational polling among our discussion group to determine candidates for the board that might have consensus or near consensus on being placed on the first board.  Now, we are pleased to announce that we arrived at the following group of community members to form our first Board of Trustees for AGOT:

Ektor Angelomatis
Chris Eggert
Johannes Jarvinen
Katka Lacinova
Will Lentz
Francisco Gobantes Marin
Tom Melucci

Speaking for myself and the Board, we thank you for placing your trust in us, and we look forward to working together and with the community for the betterment of all of us.

Now, for the second part, our organizational structure.

We believe that the best way to keep our organization going is to form player committees focused on certain broad aspects of our game and community.  Specifically, committees of individuals to work on areas such as game design, organized play, communications and media, art and other assets, and code of conduct enforcement.  We intend to begin having interested persons submitting applications to work on these committees in the coming weeks, and will be making additional announcements on the specifics of this application process and committee roles as we work through them.

Once these committees are ‘hired’ and formed, the Board of Trustees will transition to a supervisory and advisory role only, while still maintaining the ability to ‘fire’ or ‘hire’ new persons to work on the committees as needed.  The Board will provide broad goals and objectives to the committees, the committees will work to achieve those goals and work with the Board for the betterment of the Community.  The entire organization, both the committees and the Board, will provide regular updates to the community on the status of our ongoing projects.  We believe it is important for the Board to keep some operational distance from the committees to maintain oversight while not micromanaging the persons hired to fulfill committee functions.  We also hope that by doing so the Board will be able to mediate any conflicts that come up in the committees.

We intend to have a number of communication systems set up for interaction with the broad community to make sure that the needs of every meta are being met, big or small and regardless of where that meta may be located in the world.  

In our next few announcements, we plan on sharing our draft community code of conduct, details on our committee structure, and application materials for interested community members to join one of our player committees.

We look forward to speaking to you again soon!



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