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More AGOT.Card updates

by Kennon

Hey all, it’s been some time since I’ve done one of these update articles, so I wanted to touch base with you all and let you know what we’re looking at right now.

The Need For Speed

  1. Articles, podcasts, and videos that haven’t seen an update in the last year or are otherwise known as dead or defunct have been moved to the archives of the appropriate category.
  2. Cloudflare recently started a new service they’re calling APO currently geared at boosting speed for Wordpress sites, so we’re giving it a try.
  3. Also, our hosting provider changed up their options somewhat recently, so the site has been moved to a new plan with NVMe drives and double the RAM of the previous plans.

This has resulted in some fairly solid performance gains that I think people should really noticed when loading the site. Here are some of the performance results that we’re currently getting:

For The Future

Additionally, I’m looking at tweaking the navigation/layout of the site a bit and trimming the number of lookups and images needed for the current layout, so if you would, please let me know what are the most common ways that you navigate the site while you’re here.

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