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Restricted List

by Jess Thompson

Happy Monday! We are happy to announce our first update to the Joust Restricted List.

This is a first pass to further improve on the Worlds metagame. We intend to be more proactive and regular in updating the Restricted List in BOTH directions (cards coming on and off the list). Please note “The Things I Do For Love” pack (Bin Pack) is not legal at this time.

It is important to us to listen to player feedback, and starting with the next Restricted List update, we intend to use the survey data to help inform our decisions. However, we felt it was prudent to release a more immediate update to allow for a single, unified list, rather than each event going forward having a list of its own choosing. Events that have already been announced with bespoke restricted lists should not feel obligated to adopt this list. We recommend all other events utilize this official list going forward.

Added to the Restricted List:
Kingdom of Shadows (Beneath the Red Keep)
The King in the North (Favor of the Old Gods)
Return to the Fields (Kings of the Isles)
Bribery (Dragons of the East)

Selyse Baratheon (Fury of the Storm)

Nighttime Marauders (The Shadow City)

The Red Keep (Dragons of the East)

Nights Watch:
Clydas (Dragons of the East)
Three-Finger Hobb (In Daznek’s Pit)

Qotho (House of Thorns)
Overwhelming Numbers (Dragons of the East)
Gifts for the Widow (Daggers in the Dark)

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