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Ravens from the Citadel

by Michael Seto
April 2nd, 2020 update: April fools! The below FAQ was an April fools joke! None of the rules below are correct. Official FAQ for Game of Thrones: The card game second edition. As the game begins a new chapter, we have collected a set of questions recently asked to FFG that will presumably not be appearing in any official FAQ update. These represent clarifications or, at times, changes in how we’re interpreting the rules, and as such we felt it important to provide them to the community. With these questions settled we are excited to take our first steps into the future of the game! Proof reading and contributing editor: The Archmaester of Rules The Wall TMoW
  • Cards in your hand, discard and dead pile also gain the NW affiliation. (This does not affect cards removed from the game) A player controls the cards located in his or her out of play game areas (such as the hand, deck, discard pile, and dead pile).  (Source)
***** Time of Plenty / The Shield Islands
  • Time of Plenty and The Shield Islands increases the number of cards drawn by card effects triggered in the draw phase by 1
***** Heir to the Iron Throne
  • You must sacrifice a Lord or Lady even if you don’t find a Lord or Lady in the top 10 cards of your deck to put into play.
***** The Arbor
  • You can duplicate The Arbor on setup
***** At the Gates
  • When you put a limited location into play, it counts as your Limited for the round
***** Forced March
  • In a melee game, If any of your opponents lacks a character with the military challenge icon to kneel, then the plot effect cannot initiate due to the lack of the if able clause.
***** This Must Be Answered Fiercely!
  • You can play this event any time 3 characters have been declared as attackers and you are one of the participating players whether it be defending or attacking.
***** Ser Waymar Royce
  • You can trigger his interrupt first and then next trigger Maester Aemon’s interrupt to save him.
***** The Faith Militant
  • Power cannot be moved to a character without the Seven trait
***** Scouting Vessel
  • As cards are pillaged 1 at a time, each pillage has its own separate triggering condition. Therefore, if you have a Scouting Vessel on the board, you can trigger its interrupt on the first card pillaged due to that Scouting Vessel.
***** Tithe
  • You cannot play Tithe if your opponent does not have a character for you to kneel. Kneeling is a cost, and thus you must kneel your opponent’s character to gain the two gold.
***** The Iron Throne LMHR
  • You must be able to say the card’s name in full, in the language of the player playing the card, properly pronounced
  • In melee, you must say the card in all languages spoken at the table
  • You must specify the set number of the card you are referring to if the card has multiple versions
***** Knights of the Hollow Hill
  • Only a Sith deals in absolutes. The player cannot gain gold only if they are a Sith lord.
***** Tears of Lys / Fear Cuts Deeper Than Swords
  • You cannot cancel Tears of Lys with Fear Cuts Deeper Than Swords. Tears of Lys does not target the character, but does target the player that controls that character. They must make a DC 20 Will save or become Enraged at the templating. This DC is doubled if you say “best kill spell in the game!” as an additional cost to playing Tears.
***** No Surprises
  • Bringing a card out of shadows is not the same as putting a card into play from shadows. No Surprise does not prevent a card effect that puts a card into play from shadows. And neither of those is playing a card from shadows. Returning a card to shadows, though, now that’s the same thing as putting a card into shadows from play, even though bringing a card out of shadows and putting a card into play from shadows are different… I think? Wait, are we sure that’s true? Or was I thinking of playing and put into play? Why do we even have these special terms for shadows? Is it because of that stupid crest that doesn’t have any actual game effect but is just there to confuse the piss out of everybody? I mean why go through all the trouble of putting some fancy crest on a card if it literally has no meaning?! What nihilist is in charge of templating around here?!? I don’t know, just remember that No Surprises either does or does not stop you from putting a card into play from your opponent’s shadows, or something. I’m going to go lie down.
***** General Rules Errata
  • After a long and fruitful discussion with Tony Makos, all card effects are considered to have “limit 0 times per phase”.

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