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Long May He Reign FAQ

by Michael Seto

Long May He Reign FAQ

Unofficial FAQ for Long May He Reign, the 6th chapter pack of the King’s Landing cycle.

Proof reading done by Collin Weir

  • If the plot Political Disaster is revealed and you do not choose Rimegate, you may trigger it’s ability to save another location from being discarded before Rimegate gets discarded.

Long May He Reign

  • The attached character will not be killed even if there is an effect that indicates that the attached character cannot be saved since the attached character was never killed in the first place. (Ex: Wildfire Assault)
  • The attached character cannot be chosen for military claim.


Alchemists’ Guildhall
  • This location cannot be triggered more than once per phase even if it leaves play and is put into play again.

Ser Jorah Mormont LMHR

  • If Jorah gets discarded with Heads on Spikes, you may trigger his ability to place him into shadows instead of the dead pile.

Valyrian Steel

  • You cannot put into play an attachment with a null cost (Ex: You cannot put into play A Pinch of Powder which has the “-” cost)
  • You cannot include more than 1 copy of a card if any of the copies are of the attachment card type. (Ex: Summer, Shaggydog, Nymeria the attachment and the characters)
  • Cards that do not have the printed Attachment card type, but however are granted the Attachment card type as they enter play is considered a valid triggering condition for Valyrian Steel. (Ex: Risen by the Sea, Valyrian’s Crew, Dothraki Handmaiden, Blood Magic Ritual)

City of Wealth

  • If it is revealed as your last plot, the plots in your used pile remained there until after all the When Revealed abilities have been initiated. The initiative will still be increased by the city plots in your used pile, however after all the When Revealed plots have been triggered, the plots in the used piled will have returned to your plot deck and City of Wealth’s gold and reserve value will no longer be increased.

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