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G.O.T. Volunteers 2022

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What a wild ride it's been in the world through the last year or more! And in many ways that applies to the Game of Thrones community and the Global Operations Team effort to keep the game moving in the post Fantasy Flight Games years. We've had some wins, we've had some losses, and now it's time to gear up to tackle the new year.

That said, we've had a number of folks depart over the last 12 months, and we're looking to refill our ranks! We'll leave this form up through the end of the year and then take stock to see how we can fill things out. Below, you'll find some information on the duties of the various groups we're looking to fill as well as rough numbers of how many folks we'd like to add to these groups.

Board of Trustees : 3 Members

The Board of Trustees is the top of the pyramid at Global Ops, but it is not designed as a day to day executive type of roll. The Board is intended rather as a bit of a combination hiring manager and Supreme Court. The Board handles the "hiring" of various volunteers to fill positions in the organization and may sometimes need to mediate disputes or break ties in the course of various committee work, but in general or not intended to be active day to day positions.

Members are of the Board of Trustees are expected to serve exclusively on the board rather than also serving on any of the various committees.

Art & Graphics : 3-5 Members

The Art & Graphics committee is responsible for the acquisition of art for various cards and projects as well as the layout of the graphical templates necessary for production. Photoshop experience would be a plus for layout, but a time consuming process that needs additional help aside from Photoshop is the search for new art and artists as well as reaching out to those artists in order to secure clearance to utilize it.

Code of Conduct : 1-3 Members

The Code of Conduct team is responsible for enforcing the published G.O.T. Code of Conduct through our various discussion channels as well as proposing any necessary revisions to the Code or enforcement policies as necessary.

Communication & Organization : 2-4 Members

The Communication & Organization Committee is responsible for coordinating with various sites and shows that support the game as needed as well as content creation such as News & Updates, card reviews, State of the Game, and other various updates necessary to communicate with the community and foster engagement.

Design & Development : 1-3 Members

The Design & Development Committee functions together with the Design Team. While the Design Team focuses on the ground level issues of specific card design and testing, the Committee work on big picture direction for the Team as well as maintenance of the FAQ related items such as various play formats, pods, and restricted lists. The Design Committee also oversees community card submissions processes.

Organized Play : 1-2 Members

The Organized Play Committee is responsible for the overall scope of organized play through the G.O.T organization each year. This may include duties such as coordinating with the Art & Graphics committee for organized play kits as well as taking and approving submissions for events such as national championships.

A Note on Committee Membership

It is entirely possible that various community members may wish to participate in multiple committees. This is likely acceptable, though we would ask that you not overextend yourself such that two committees may be a preferable number. That said, we would like to maintain separation between the Board and the Committees and ask that Board members not directly serve on Committees.

Thank you all and we look forward to an even brighter 2022!

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