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As High as Honor – Review with Stephen Patane

by AGOT.Admin
As is tradition now, Stephen Patane from the Design Team joins me to review the latest expansion, As High as Honor. In this video, we start with a brief look back at the Bran the Builder era, and we discuss how accurate our predictions were. We then go through all the cards from the new expansion. We try to give you some insight into the design process, we explain some of the new mechanics and subtle rules interactions, and we discuss our general expectations about the new cards. Finally, Stephen introduces the next Design Team project, The Spoils of War. I hope you find something for yourself in this video. If nothing else, you can hear me using “overneath” in a sentence as if it were an actual word, or referring to an ability on Milk Snakes that doesn’t actually exist. 😉 You can find the release article and the files for printing here:
Announcing As High As Honor
As High as Honor on ThronesDB: https://thronesdb.com/set/AHaH The new FAQ: https://agot.cards/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/GOT_FAQ_v4.0-1.pdf The White Book podcast review of the pack:
The White Book S14E1– 508
00:00:00 A quick look back at our predictions for Bran the Builder 00:11:17 Introducing As High as Honor 00:15:19 Neutral characters 01:08:08 Neutral locations 01:23:21 Neutral attachments and events 01:38:08 The plots and agenda 01:51:13 Final thoughts on House Arryn 01:57:16 Baratheon cards 02:05:54 Greyjoy cards 02:13:41 Lannister cards 02:21:27 Martell cards 02:29:45 Night’s Watch cards 02:33:40 Stark cards 02:39:55 Targaryen cards 02:50:52 Tyrell cards 02:56:35 Our final thoughts and predictions 03:04:49 Announcing The Spoils of War Enjoy. 🙂

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