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The Monthly Update July-August

by Drew Underwood

Hey folks, it’s that time of month again! The only team that safeguards the only game that matters has more updates for you all. This month’s update is a brief one, updates on nationals and a reminder about some things. Apologies for how late the update was this month, the site has had some technical troubles.

Nationals season is well underway, and several countries have announced dates. Thus far we have:

The U.K. on October 15th in London

Bulgaria on October the 29th in Sofia

France on October the 8th and 9th in Lyon

Germany on September the 10th in Berlin

These nations will be having nationals but have yet to announce dates: Greece, Italy, the U.S., Canada, Chile, and the PRC. If you have questions or feel like your nation is missing, get in touch with us on the Discord. Some regionals are still going on, so check the Facebook or ask on the Discord if you have questions.

Prizes for worlds will be shipped soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that if you attended or placed at worlds!

Playtesting for the next pack is still underway, and the previous update/Facebook have info on that. The more playtesting the DT gets in, the better, and who doesn’t want to choose a card for the next pack?

Finally, the Kofi page ( ko-fi.com/globaloperationsteam) has made some serious progress! Thank you all for your kindness and support. See you all next month and keep on gaming!

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