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Announcing the G.O.T. Ko-Fi

by Kennon

Hello, all!

The Global Operations Team Board of Trustees is pleased to formally announce our Ko-Fi page!

As you surely know, a project of this sort is very art intensive on top of the costs of running the various websites, so with an eye to the future, we have taken steps to help make certain that we can have a steady influx necessary to keep the only game that matters afloat. So, to that end, we have launched a Ko-Fi page.

We selected Ko-Fi not only because it is popular with the wider gaming community but also because it does give us the option to accept donations without the intermediary site taking an additional cut of the donations. Knowing how valuable stretching every dollar may be in this type of situation, this was a large factor for us.

As well, in order two do so, we’ve taken the initiative to do a few other things in order to set up and run the Ko-Fi page.

  1. We’ve created a US (MO) based LLC in order to manage the funds and liability for this venture. Due to the various issues of an international Board of Trustees, Will Lentz is the sole member of this LLC.
  2. We have created a Paypal account using trustees(at)agot.cards to hold the donations.
  3. The other board members, Johannes Järvinen and Francisco Gobantes Marin have password access to all accounts necessary for this including the Ko-Fi page, Paypal, and email so that they can also keep tabs on things.
  4. General progress toward goals as well as any particular announcements about specific needs will be available on the Ko-Fi page. Once a year, we will prep a basic “Income/Expense” sheet to be publicly available to the community.

We’ve had it accessible to the various committee members for the past couple months so that we can make sure everything looks and works well, and now we want to let you all in on it as well!

Please be aware that these donations are only to be used for a variety of maintenance uses for the Global Operations team such as art commissions inspired by the only game that matters, web hosting, etc. They are not a sales mechanism for printed copies of the fan cards that we produce.

  • The Global Operations Board of Trustees

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