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Changing ‘The Wall (TMoW)’

by Michael Anderson
I would like to suggest that The Wall TMoW needs to be changed. I will emphasize that I am not posting as a sore loser, I am simply pointing out the ways that this card can truly wreck the game for opposing players and leave them little opportunity to respond; in addition to pointing out that its effect is vastly superior to every other control mechanic in the game. 1) The Wall can place ANY character under control, both loyal AND non-loyal, and both unique AND non-unique, and at ANY printed cost. There are very few cards in the entire game that allow a player to take control of a character with any status, let alone one that can be used repeatedly with no cost or limitation penalty.  2) Although other cards can be used to do this as well, The Wall TmoW can also be used to take control of a character that a player has declared for his/her The Prince that Was Promised agenda, thus rendering the entire strategy of their deck useless until they are able to remove it from the board (with the character able to be re-stolen as soon as it enters the discard pile in the same phase or in the same round). 3) The Wall can be used during ANY phase AND more than once per round. A player can use it before or during the challenge phase to take control of one character, and use it again after combat during the standing or taxation phase in the same round for free. 4) The Wall allows a player to control an opponent’s character permanently unless it leaves the field of play. Many cards that take control of other characters end that control during a specific phase (typically challenge or dominance phase, or the phase in which the control was initiated), once the attachment or character holding control leaves play, or it only allows specific types of characters to be controlled. See some examples like Ward R, Daario Naharis, Melisandre’s Favor, and Balon Greyjoy. 5) Relating to it being usable more than once per round, the Wall can be stood by ANY other eligible card effects (from ANY other faction) as much as a player wants. Theoretically, a player could take control of every eligible character in an opposing players discard pile as long as they are able to repeatedly stand the Wall. 6) The Night’s Watch has several other cards that are used to take control of characters as well, including characters, attachments and events; and this is fine since it is part of that faction’s theme. However, these cards have limitations like paying a gold cost for each card that is taken under control, the duration of the control, and/or the specific type of character that can be taken under control. See Recruiter for the Watch, Take the Black, Turncloak, Ward R, Yoren, Old Bear Mormont, Bound For the Wall, Guarding the Realm, and Now My Watch Begins. I hope I have made a strong case, and it is possible there are other good reasons to change this card that I haven’t thought of here. I look forward to hearing the opinions of other players. Some initial suggestions for changes would be the following (though not all of them would need to be implemented at the same time): a) limit the control to only non-unique and non-loyal characters b) limit the phase that the card can be used AND limit its use to once per round c) prevent the card from being stood more than once per round or limit the control to only one character at a time and while the Wall is currently knelt (similar to Recruiter for the Watch) d) limit the duration of control to the end of a specific phase (either dominance or the phase in which the control of the character was taken) or until the end of the round e) make the control conditional and give the opponent the ability to cancel the effect (i.e. the opponent can pay gold or discard a card in order to cancel the Wall’s effect). This would also be themeatically consistent with an opposing faction paying the Night’s Watch in another form rather than giving recruits f) increase the card’s cost so it cannot be played so early in a game g) as a last resort, redesign the Wall to search only the owning players discard or deck for an eligible character to play, rather than the opponents

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