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Restricted List 8th of March 2021

by Design Team
Hello Thrones Community,
this is a message by Raius, head of the Design Team. It’s been 5 months since the redesigns were released and we thought it’s the right time to release a new restricted list. We will present 2 parts:
Pods – They will serve to break up overpowered interactions, but none of the cards is restricted. They just can’t be played together. Pods will be more or less permanent. Changes will be rare.
Restricted List – Normal list to restrict very commonly played cards. You can choose only 1 card from the list and play it in any number of possible copies. Since we no longer have the same steady release of new cards, the Restricted List will be used to create a fresh meta and interesting deckbuilding choices. The RL will change frequently, and cards will be moved on and off. Since the overpowered cards are redesigned, cards are no longer doomed to stay on the RL forever. Most of them will leave the list again rather sooner than later.
You can find the list in pdf-format here.


Bowels of Casterly RockNightflyer

Bowels of Casterly Rock – Nightflyer

Nightflyer in a Lannister shadow build performed very well in tournaments and came to the point where we decided it is not healthy for the game. There will be still an option to play this build, but you will need to find different ways how to get econ and draw.
Asha GreyjoyScouting Vessel

Asha Greyjoy (Km) – Scouting Vessel

Greyjoys in general had great fun with Aloof released. All the big guys with almost passive pillage power (Corpse Lake [HoT] and King of Salt and Rock [FFH]) should have it a bit more difficult when it comes to deckbuilding now. You choose Asha, who can reliably pick a card you need, or Scouting Vessel, which helps power grab and all the others biggies with pillage.
CravenThe Haunted Forest

Craven – The Haunted Forest

Builders were also very successful in the redesign period. It feels like they could win almost any matchup. These 2 cards made defending the Wall a bit too easy as you don’t need all icons. This should make it a bit harder for them. You can keep the challenge unopposed with Forest, or you can block potentially dangerous attackers.
At the Palace of SorrowsTo the Rose Banner!

Palace of Sorrows (R) – To the Rose Banner (R)

Especially in Tyrell Aloof, House Florent Knight and To the Rose Banner! (R) was a game winning condition during a Palace of Sorrows (R) turn. We have decided HFK and Sorrows can be played, but not with the possibility to use it 3 times in one round for only 5 gold. On the other hand, you can still run the Tyrell attrition mechanic with HFK and To the Rose Banner (R), just without Sorrows in your plot deck.
QueensguardTrading With Qohor

Queensguard – Trading with Qohor

This is the last combination in pods. Queensguard was always watched and at the end, we have decided to have this in a pod with Qohor, because it made voltron building too easy and provides great reliability to the Voltron Qohor builds. This should keep banner Dragon still on a good level, but not especially broken.

Restricted List:

– Exchange of Information

Exchange of Information

– Loan from the Iron Bank

Loan from the Iron Bank

– You Win or You Die

You Win Or You Die

– At the Gates

At the Gates

– Daenerys Targaryen (TFM)

Daenerys Targaryen

– The Wall (Core)

The Wall

The Restricted List was intented mainly, but not only, to create a fresh meta and slightly more interesting deckbuilding. We have chosen the plots that are played the most. I believe a lot of us have decks that run at least two of them.
With the plots, there is Daenerys Targaryen (TFM). Burn is one of the best decks out there. With the steps performed above, burn players have to make a decision. Play Pyro Dany without Exchange of Information and You Win or You Die, or if you play the plots you can play Core Dany, who has been in the shadow for too long.
The Wall (Core) was added mainly because of builders. We believe, that they will still be able to play the deck and possibly give the deck some fresh air.
The list will come into effect on Monday 8th of March.
At the end, I would like to mention, that due to the restructuralization of the Design Team, the next RL change can happen sooner than usual
Happy deckbuilding!

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