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Jade Sea by the Design & SK Team

by Design Team
Hello Thrones community,
this is a text by Raius from the Design Team introducing the new chapter pack Jade Sea (JS). This is first chapter pack designed in cooperation with the South Korean meta, therefore you can see some cards that are identical with SK cards and some slightly or completely changed by the Design Team.
Our Development Team has finished work on printer-friendly documents:
  • CZE
  • ENG
  • GER
  • ITA
  • SPA
You can find image files to use on card-printing websites here (custom card size 63 x 88 mm, 2.48″ x 3.46″ or poker card size 63.5 x 89 mm, 2.5″ x 3.5″):
  • CZE
  • ENG
  • GER
  • ITA
  • SPA
Respecting artist’s rights is important to us. The art for Jade Sea has been sourced accordingly and permission has been granted for the use of this artwork. Big thanks to Sebastián Aguirre and Michael Chrzanowski who made exclusive illustrations for us.
  • Cheap goodstuff Warship to support the smuggler theme, helps to use Khorane Sathmantes or Lyseni Pirate and nicely fits Dale’s ability.
  • Baratheon is the faction with the worst economy. This remedies this a bit, but it’s not as easy to use as Passing the Black Gate.
  • Tired of Greyjoy big guys decks? Harlaw could possibly bring a new deck type built around reserve choke theme and overall supporting House Harlaw cards.
  • An alternative for an Isles Euron deck that should also support Raiders and mill over Warships. +1 STR is a sweet additional bonus.
  • Great support for all Clansman decks. With Painted Dogs probably the best target for Lionstar. Stealth and Power is something that most Clansman decks really wanted.
  • Support for Kingsguard and Banner knight decks. Another way to sneak that House Florent Knight on the board.
  • Another theme card, one of the few Sand Snakes that makes you build around that trait. And attack with Martells! Refreshing, isn’t it?
  • Getting some burn protection for Sand Snakes could potentially help them to be semi competitive? Negative attachment removal, double use of Dorea Sand thanks to Harmen Uller and last but not least, return of Sand Snake with Venomous Blade with a 1 gold bonus to replay it again.
  • Nice card to support Rat Cook or recruitment decks. Often, a character is more useful than a location (The Bay of Seals).
  • Cheap Steward with reserve bonus. Another boost for the Steward (and hence Rat Cook) theme.
  • A versatile albeit somewhat expensive trigger that especially helps the monocon Direwolf decks. Winter shadow decks with Rickard Karstark will like it, too.
  • Opens up the Winter theme for a lot of different plots. Enables more Winter than Summer, when the opponent has a Summer plot. Nice card in “The Rains of Castamere”.
  • An efficient card for the fewer cards in hand theme.
  • A centerpiece for the Targ Mercenary theme, but stealth in Targaryen is interesting enough by itself. Nedly synergy with the Second Sons.
  • Another centerpiece card. As the best military commander in Westeros, standing Armies is what a Randyll should do. The Reach theme is already connected to 2 Army cards. If you like, you can also try to connect it to Tyrell’s top card of deck theme to max Randyll’s trigger.
  • Straightforward card supporting the Knights and Kingsguard theme.
  • Support for decks built around City plots.
  • Cheap smuggler supporting the bestow and Bara’s Smuggler theme.
  • The City plot card chain didn’t take off despite having a very good opening plot. At the Gates is probably too good, so this little location simultaneously supports City plot cards AND weakens At the Gates. This will make for interesting standoffs since you can disrupt your opponent’s AtG by getting Gulltown with your AtG. It won’t always be worth it, and it won’t be a big swing as the opponent can still search their deck for the econ location, but it at least makes At the Gates a bit more risky.
  • The City plot card chain needed a good non-situational mid-game plot, and this is it. A blank 8 gold plot mid-game isn’t amazing, but it lets you play the late-game City plots like City of Wealth and King’s Landing Riot.
Have fun!

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