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Forgotten Heroes by the Design Team

by Design Team
Hello Thrones Community,
The Forgotten Heroes (FH) set features some of the more prominent characters FFG didn’t make cards for. The general idea of this set is to design characters that support some underdeveloped themes like the bestow keyword and some faction-specific decktypes. Archmaester Marwyn was our benchmark for a card that can make a very specific archetype viable. For this reason, the FH cards are a bit more complicated than the average Thrones card. We also put a lot of effort into thematic and nedly abilities.
Our Development Team has finished work on printer-friendly documents: You can find image files to use on card-printing websites here (custom card size 63 x 88 mm, 2.48″ x 3.46″ or poker card size 63.5 x 89 mm, 2.5″ x 3.5″): Respecting artist’s rights is important to us. The art for the Forgotten Heroes has been sourced accordingly and permission has been granted for the use of this artwork.
  • Ser Bonifer Hasty, called the Good, is a pious knight from the Stormlands, who fought for Renly, Stannis, and then the Lannisters in the War of 5 Kings. He might become important as the holder of Harrenhal at the end of the books. He leads the Holy Hundred, a group of soldiers dedicated to the Seven, but they are not affiliated with the Faith (the Faith Militant was still outlawed before Cersei’s negotiations with the High Sparrow), hence his ability doesn’t affect neutral The Seven characters. Baratheon is lacking draw, but he usually won’t be able to draw you more than 1 card per round unless you play a dedicated The Seven deck. There’s room for shenanigans with The Seven-Pointed Star. And finally a reason to play Seven Davos and King’s Men, well.. maybe not King’s Men!
  • Ser Godry Farring, called the Giantslayer after the Battle Beneath the Wall, is one of the fiercest R’hllor followers in Stannis’s retinue. His fervor grows with the number of other Knight and R’hllor cards you play. He’s a very good chud, but again, only in dedicated decks. Play Ritual of R’hllor and Nightfire Visions to max out his trigger 😉
  • Left-Hand Lucas Codd is one of Euron’s supporters from the beginning. He uses the new triggering condition we designed for the Raider theme. There’s synergy and overlap with the unopposed theme, but the opponent often has more control whether to stop the trigger or not, against Raiding Longship, Core Balon, or Little Theon for example. His effect supports bestow, which is already on 2 Raider characters (Silence’s Crew, Stony Shore Raider).
  • Euron’s hornblower Cragorn thematically is all about Weapons and Items, another Raider theme since Raider from Pyke. Searching only the top 10 cards means you’ll need to build your deck accordingly. You’ll also need to match the gold you bestow on him with the number of Items and Weapons you still have in your deck.
  • Ser Addam Marbrand, heir to Ashemark and Jaime’s trusted childhood friend, is one of the best Lannister military commanders. He is a natural leader commanding the Lannister knights and armies as well as the Gold Cloaks (which he has nedly synergy with). Lannister has a lot of Knight-themed cards, but this archetype was never viable. Lannister has also been lacking a good draw card, but even more so than Bonifer the Good, Addam is not a goodstuff draw card. Although he doesn’t have the bestow keyword, this card explores another use for the gold token mechanic (like Red Cloaks) that suits a Lannister theme: discard to draw. And yes, ambushing Ser Pounce will get him a gold 🙂
  • Ser Harys Swyft, the Knight of Cornfield, is Cersei’s weak and obedient Hand of the King and later Master of Coin. He is another support card for bestow and can make Lanni cards like Fever Dreams, Cersei’s Informer, Kayce Merchant, Ser Osmund, or Stone Crows playable.
  • Mellario of Norvos is Doran Martell’s estranged wife and mother of Arianne, Quentyn, and Trystane. The Martell Lord and Lady theme needed a good support card same as the Lanni Knight theme. Her ability will finally enable more constructive Martell builds.
  • The Tattered Prince is the commander of the Windblown, the mercenary company Quentyn Martell joins to travel to Meereen. He’s a very versatile character that can be used in lots of different decks, be it shadows, bestow, or goodstuff decks. His forced reaction represents his exile from Pentos and his plan to switch sides from Yunkai to Daenerys. Note that his ability triggers AFTER when revealed effects!
  • Dywen is a veteran ranger, well renowned for his tracking ability. He was present at almost every major event in the Night’s Watch storyline from Jon’s vow to the Great Ranging to the Mutiny at Craster’s Keep. Somehow he survived all these events and is leading a small ranging party (including Ser Alliser Thorne) beyond the Wall at the end of the books. He’s a very strong card for offensive Night’s Watch Crossing, Rains, or Sea of Blood decks, be they goodstuff or Ranger-focussed.
  • Leathers is the first Wildling that joins the Night’s Watch. He also convinces other Wildlings to follow his lead, Wun Wun among them. He speaks the Old Tongue and acts as a translator between Jon and Wun Wun. He’s also appointed the new Master-at-Arms at Castle Black. He’s another cool card for NW Rains decks, but his ability to give all Wildlings the Night’s Watch affiliation offers a lot of intriguing possibilities.
  • Rickard Karstark is the Lord of Karhold, seeking revenge after Jaime Lannister killed 2 of his sons in battle. He is beheaded by Robb for murdering Lannister prisoners of war. Thematically, we wanted him to affect both sides and a connection to Karhold, so he interacts with the Winter theme and The North locations. Note: He is a Challenges Action, not an Action once per phase 😉
  • Harwin, a skilled rider, was one of the guards Ned Stark sent with Beric Dondarrion to the Riverlands. He uses two of the Brotherhood themes, non-loyal and keywords. The latter makes him also a nice addition to Direwolf decks as many of the wolves have stealth or intimidate in addition to No attachments.
  • Reznak mo Reznak is a leader of the Meereenese nobles and serves as Daenerys’s seneschal. His ability mimics the Shavepate’s, his opponent at Dany’s court, but mechanically it’s very different. His ability also fits the other Meereen cards. You can decide if you want to use him to put 1 and 2 cost characters into play, or invest in bestow to focus on higher cost characters.
  • Haldon Halfmaester is Aegon Targaryen’s teacher. He’s a nice bestow support card using the Maester theme. He’s also a good addition to Conclave and burn decks.
  • Orton Merryweather is the Lord of Longtable and serves on Cersei’s Small Council until her downfall, when he flees back to the Reach with his wife Taena. Inspired by his wife, he supports event-based decks, but he can also be a centerpiece in Small Council or Spy decks.
  • Ser Emmon Cuy was a member of Renly’s kingsguard, killed by Loras Tyrell in a fury for failing their king. We decided to introduce the Rainbow Guard trait and give them the Kingsguard trait to support that theme. His ability can be used as one-time effect in goodstuff or Knight decks, or several times in dedicated bestow decks.
  • Vargo Hoat: The infamous Brave Companions mercenary company plays a big role in the War of the 5 Kings storyline, but hasn’t appeared yet in 2nd edition. Mercenaries are the perfect characters to support the gold-focussed bestow theme. Their flamboyant leader Vargo Hoat is the perfect candidate for a “bestow Marwyn”.
  • Balerion: This mean tomcat has been the pet cat of Rhaenys Targaryen, who was Rhaegar’s oldest child and killed during the Sack of King’s Landing at the end of Robert’s Rebellion. It is assumed that Balerion still roams the Red Keep terrorizing the ravens and Tommen’s kittens. An unkillable character fits cats in general and this cat in particular, but this ability means you can’t use Balerion as claim soak. He also serves as a counter to the bestow support in this set, if bestow decks should ever become too popular.
  • Free Companies: Other than the shadows keyword, bestow never got its own agenda – until now. This agenda will take lots of bestow cards out of the binder and make the archetype more setup-friendly. The “card without gold” condition ensures you can’t just load your Ricasso or Astapor. Note it’s a Banner agenda for some extra shenanigans. The stained glass-style artwork shows the coat of arms of the Golden Company, the Second Sons, and the Storm Crows.
  • The Pointy End: The meta has been so fast that control decks have been experiencing difficulties keeping up for a long time now. This plot can slow games down by discarding power and making duped characters vulnerable, but its biggest use will be for targeting voltron characters with 2 or more attachments. Rush, dupes, voltrons – 3 things players have been complaining about and The Pointy End provides an answer for. And it’s another Scheme plot for The Rains of Castamere decks!

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