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Casual Game 1: South Korean Card Designs

by AGOT.Admin
There’s been an interesting splurge of fan-made card designs released into the community recently, so we decided to have a play with some! You guys have sent in your deck lists using some of the cards designed by the South Korean meta, and here is the first of the our games featuring them- with discussions on the cards, and the decklists featured at the end (in case you want to try them out yourself!) You can also find high res images of the fan-made cards in the AGoT 2nd edition Facebook group, if you are interested in printing some out to play with. This match up features Stark Crossing vs. Lanni White Book, and our fan-made cards are giving us some fun interactions already! Please note: the new cards featured are not being released by the previous Conclave Design Team, and the decklists are following the restricted list/ card designs that were last updated by the Conclave in June time. Enjoy 😀

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