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Bracket 1, Game 2: Greyjoy DWDW vs. Bara Kraken

by AGOT.Admin
We’re back with Game 2 of our exciting new deck tournament! With 16 new decks from 16 different aGoT players, we’ve got a whole range of exciting new decks for you to watch- all following The Conclave’s latest restricted list. The decks were split into 2 brackets, with 8 different factions in each bracket. Decks were randomly paired against eachother, and then played in a knockout style. The winning decks from each bracket will then face off in a grand finale to decide on the best deck! Each swiss game includes the bracket pairings and deck list discussion before the game, with a deck pros and cons discussion at the end of the game. In Game 2 of bracket 1, Greyjoy DWDW (submitted by Ayrton Passam/ played by Rebecca) was randomly paired against Bara Kraken (submitted by Adamo de Rosa/ played by Richard). A couple of really interesting decks, and we loved the bestow mechanics! Enjoy 😀

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