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Conclave Voter Registration

by Kennon

I also think it’s extremely important that we engage as much of the player base as possible in this election process, so please read below and make sure you sign up to vote. Presented below is Chris Schoenthal’s Facebook post verbatim.

Will Lentz

This is the big one! It is essential to the future of our game that major decisions, such as who we choose to lead us into that future, are determined by a mandate of the players. Whether you’ve played for all 18 years of its print run, or joined us in Second Edition, you are the reason that this game is great, and why this effort to keep the game going will succeed. In order to facilitate this, we have created a voter registration form. This will serve three specific purposes:

  1. It will allow us to get some basic demographic information regarding the player base.
  2. It provides us with a means of security in preventing fraudulent voting in the upcoming election of members of the Conclave, as well as future elections and polls.
  3. It will provide us with a database to use when polling the community in making similar large decisions in the future.

While we will leave voter registration open indefinitely to allow for new and returning players to join us later, the deadline for registering to vote for the Conclave will be MARCH 11, 2020. This allows a little over two weeks to get the word out, and to allow people to review the Conclave candidates after the application period closes tomorrow.

Lastly, if you have a great idea for the name of the organization at large (The Conclave is intended as a name for the leadership specifically), this is your chance! Add a cool name, if you’d like, and the top choices will be included in a future poll, with the creator of the winning name receiving a prize!
IMPORTANT NOTE: We are using A Game Of Thrones LCG 2E Community because it is the most convenient, and for a bulk of 2E, the most concentrated, place for AGOT news and community to exist. If you have players in your local play group who don’t use Facebook, though, PLEASE still provide them with this form and encourage them to register! We do not intend to permanently base our operations here in this group, and hope to have a website up and running after the Conclave is in place. We would love to have all players across the globe join us in the adventures to come, so if you know of someone who is playing, please feel free to pass this link along to them.

I cannot stress how important it is that everyone who wishes to join us as we move forward register to vote. It will allow your voice to be heard, and allow us to get a better sense of how many players we truly have, and where they are concentrated. We will not be spamming or selling your information, I promise! Any questions or concerns, drop them in the comments, or PM me. Thank you for your patience, your dedication, and your confidence as we continue with this effort!


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