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Conclave Applications

by Kennon

Hi all, I thought it was really important that information about these Conclave elections be presented elsewhere than just Facebook. If you’re interested in the future of our game, please check this out. Below is the text from Chris Schoenthal’s Facebook post presented verbatim.

-Will Lentz


Thank you for your patience, everyone! It took us a bit of time to figure out the best way to present the applications in a readable format, but I think I’ve been able to do that with the attached PDF. Please read and review the candidates and their answers.

CANDIDATES:If something appears to be wrong with your application (if I failed to list one of the positions you applied for, for example), please PM me and I will update the document accordingly.

A couple of reminders and notes as we move to the next stage:•A further reminder to register to vote! Please go here to register if you have not done so already, and remember to spread this far and wide so that we can have as large a swath of the population represented as possible as we conduct these important elections.https://forms.gle/PStQpFgDqdMeuoqn6?fbclid=IwAR3dYIIloNVY-rWjI9fzgGM7S9oDGdUXq-WxHcsOB-nOHjXQ-cy2kQvb_2A
•As stated in my original post regarding The Conclave, the elections will be for “at large” positions. This means that each voter will vote for nine of these candidates, rather than voting for each position separately. The roles will be divided among the elected members of the Conclave after the election ends. The top vote recipient from each of the three regions (Europe, APAC, and the Americas) is guaranteed one of the nine positions to ensure regional representation, although I am happy to report that, based on the voter registration numbers, I don’t expect that to be too big of an issue. I love the global nature of our community, and I’m deeply heartened to see it continue going forward. I do strongly recommend that you review the specific positions that each person is applying for, and tailor eventual discussion, questions and voting accordingly, and keep in mind that all of these positions will need to be filled from the top nine vote-getters. It is also important to note that all of the applicants are both eager and qualified, so we do anticipate that even if they aren’t selected as Archmaesters, they will happily offer their services to the newly-formed group.

There has been some concern about the above point when I’ve mentioned it to various groups over the last week, and I wanted to address that decision a bit. There is worry that it will become simply a popularity contest, as an example of one such concern. While this is possible, I do trust our community to read the applications thoroughly, and ask the candidates questions to further guide their voting in the ensuing week or so as we lead up to the election. Additionally, this is not an unmitigated negative, in our view: prior involvement in the community is something that should be considered by voters. Further, we feel that flexibility is important, and that being able to work together is a skill that all Archmaesters will need to possess. And lastly, we felt that nine separate elections would draw out the process to an unnecessary degree. We understand that this decision may be controversial, but as it was advertised from the beginning, and due to the reasons above, we are going to continue along that path.

•Finally, a note that we are going to lock this specific thread’s comments, but we WILL be opening up further threads for discussion of candidates and positions. The moderator team is still discussing the best way to do that without over-clogging this group with such posts, so please have patience as we finalize that discussion. We do want discussion and discourse to be a part of this process, and we intend to offer a forum for such things- this thread isn’t that, though.

UPDATE: Here are links to the discussion posts for each position:Grand Maester:

Maester of Rules:

Maester of Operations:

Maester of Communication:

Maester of Tournaments:

Maester of Design:

Maester of Europe:

Maester of APAC:

Maester of the Americas:

Thank you again to ALL of these very qualified applicants, and we look forward to moving to the next step in continuing this wonderful game!

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